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Pique curates quality erotica and erotic romance that respects and entices women.

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What is Erotic Fiction?

Erotica: These are stories, by Pique‘s definition, that focus primarily on sexual exploration between characters. Meaning, the main plot of the story is driven by sex and the characters’ development is defined by their sexual interactions.

Erotic Romance: These stories center around the growth and/or development of a romantic relationship between characters, through sexual interaction. Meaning, sex is integral to the storyline and the characters’ growth, but it does not drive the plot.

What We're Looking For

Pique is not an open forum. We carefully curate the stories we publish to ensure that our content is diverse, high-quality and on-mission. We want erotic short and novella-length, serial stories of any genre. Give us your Sci/Fi Fantasy, your Historical Drama, your Screwball Comedy. Give us multidimensional characters of any and every type of sexuality, gender, age, race, body type, etc. We want it all!

To submit short fiction, a proposal for a serial story, or to learn more about our guidelines and restrictions, visit our Submittable page. And check out our submission requests.

*At this time, Pique does not pay authors. (Heck, we don’t even pay ourselves.)

Our Process

We’ve heard from many of the author’s that we work with, that the time and focus we give to them in our editorial process is really valuable.

“Working through this process I can honestly say, I have never felt better about a story I’ve written. The comments and the critiques have really driven me to put more of myself back into the work, to be smarter, and more thoughtful in the writing. Thank you.”

— DirtyStoryTime, It Would Be My Pleasure


“Again, thank you for this editing process. I am struck by your generosity.”

— Vivien Turner, SeaFair
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