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Pique curates quality erotica and erotic romance that respects and entices women.

Our readers are sexy, smart, and shameless. They desire hot stories that are well-written and approach sex and sensuality as a healthy and positive part of life.

Our readers are curious and diverse. They’re interested in exploring both in and outside of their comfort zones. They want stories that explore a wide spectrum of eroticism that is inclusive and thoughtful.

Our readers are readers. They demand erotica and erotic romance with well-developed characters, thoughtful plots and scenarios, in a discreet package that is Safe For Work (or the bus, train and your in-laws living room).

Our writers understand that eroticism stimulates the mind well before it excites the pulse and stimulates the libido.

Our writers identify with our mission to present sex and sexuality as a healthy and essential part of our lives. They approach their representation of all types of relationships and intercourse from a place of respect.

Our writers are writers. They come from diverse walks of life and experience. They use their wit and intelligence to titillate our imaginations, make us squirm, and incite our lust by creating well-developed characters, thoughtful plots and scenarios.

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Kama Sutra Spinning tales of sensuality, romance, obscenity and fantasy has been both a pleasure and a dirty secret with us through the ages: The Milesian Tales; Satyricon; The Decameron; Arabian Nights; Philosophy in the Bedroom; Astarte; Songs of Bilitis; Venus in Furs; Lady Chatterley’s Lover; Madame Bovary; Tropic of Cancer; Story of O; Little Birds; The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty.

Today, erotica is no longer hiding on a secret shelf in the back of the bookstore. It’s come stomping out, staking claim, front and center, even occupying the venerable best sellers lists.

And aren’t we glad for it!

As with any other form of literature, erotica allows us to express, enjoy and explore experiences both known and foreign to us. There’s something to be really appreciated about a particular turn of phrase that can create a physical reaction: raise goosebumps, send a thrill through your chest, make you wet. Whether subtle, or raw and explicit, the right words can land a direct hit to the pleasure center of the imagination.

Erotica can stimulate our fantasies and inflame our libidos. It can provide escape or allow us to forge a deeper connection with our partners. Sometimes it makes us muse: “I have no idea why that got me going, but it sure did!”

We want to curate stories for our readers that can do all of that, and more.

We developed Pique as a place for readers and writers to explore what arouses them (or what doesn’t), and to do it from a perspective that embraces sex and sensuality as an essential and healthy part of our lives. We aim to provide a multi-dimensional view of sexuality and desire that respects the people and lifestyles involved. As a reader, you may find some of the stories we publish just aren’t your thing. And that’s okay. Find what you like, and leave the rest for others.

Dive in and delight in these sexy, smart and shameless stories with unapologetic glee. Open that white, blank page and tell us your own turn-me-on tale. Participate in our conversations and share with us what you like and what got you hot. Share Pique with your lovers and friends. More than anything, whether you keep Pique quiet or not, we hope you shamelessly enjoy yourself!

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Our Values

We are open-minded and eager explorers. We encourage inquisitiveness.

We write and curate stories that respect women’s intellect, and reflect authentic emotions and real sex. We don’t court the ridiculous (unless it’s authentic).

We know that real sex can be awkward and funny. We believe that silliness can unlock sensuality. This is meant to be fun–for us, our writers and our readers.

We believe in free expression of healthy, consensual sexuality that elevates and affirms all involved—regardless of one’s sexual preference or proclivity.

We honor our relationships with our readers, contributors and partners. We celebrate the unique backgrounds, viewpoints, and talents of everyone we come in contact with. We do not tolerate a lack of respect within the community we are creating around Pique.

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